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Ayachit, Jo 281-494-3460
Baylor Family Practice Center 713-798-7700
Becker, Steven V., MD 713-932-1924
Borden, Starr 713-464-0044
Breeze, Juliet S., MD 281-342-9500
Brink, Ron, MD 713-228-0861
Broadway Medical Clinic, PA 713-641-5656
Champions Family Practice, PA 281-376-2828
Charron, Maria 713-524-4842
Cohen, William Z., MD 713-694-8090
Dailey, Warren B. 713-675-0067
Davis-Roberson, Susie 281-890-6186
Ezell, Robert F. 713-771-0495
Gould, David M. 281-463-2111
Haley, Jack A. 713-771-0495
Harbour, William T. 281-469-2340
Hill, Chas. M., MD 281-444-2133
Kelley, Jeffrey R. 281-876-2300
Kelley, Robert P. 281-876-2300
Kelsey-Seybold Clinic 713-442-0000
Kern, Susan B. 281-463-6093
Keshwani, Nazmudin, MD 713-776-3906
Kirland, Arthur A. 713-694-2311
Lombard, Richard J., MD, PA 713-672-4117
Lowe, Thomas E., Jr. 713-928-3648
Maness, Gerald W. 713-688-3454
Martinez, Isabel, MD 281-398-3983
Mefford, Ivan N., Phd, MD 281-342-9500
Mock, Presley J. 713-943-8484
Moore, Norman H. 713-802-1010
Munoz, Carlos E., Jr., MD 281-342-9500
North Houston Family Practice 713-694-8090
Pattanaik, Deepak 713-943-8229
Richmond Family Care Specialists 281-342-9500
Scurria, M. Sandra 713-520-6522
Sedotal, Royce L. 713-467-2437
Shaw, Leroy B. 713-795-4884
Smith, Hubert L., Jr 713-681-2451
Smith, Melvyn L. 281-494-3460
Suarez, Jorge 713-782-1717
Thumwood, Robert G. 713-461-9194
Weinstein, Phillip 713-932-0118
Whitfield, J.B. 713-529-6101

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