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Ahmed, Nisar 713-520-6010
Ankoma-Sey, Victor 713-799-8300
Arkus, Robert L. 713-995-0404
Baylor College of Medicine 713-790-2171
Cuervo, Jaime 713-455-1618
Digestive & Liver Disease Consultants 281-446-2224
Dobbs, Stuart M. 713-795-5447
Duong, Anh T., MD 281-440-0101
Fein, Steven A. 713-946-9513
Gastroenterology Associates of Houston 713-776-8222
Gastroenterology Associates of Memorial City 713-932-8651
Gastroenterology Consultants of Houston 713-461-1026
Gastroenterology Consultants, PA 713-943-8123
Haddad, Maurice S. 281-998-2488
Hamat, Howard B., MD, FRCP 281-440-0101
Hernandez, Alfred J., Jr 713-520-6007
Hochman, F. Lyone, MD, PA 713-797-0808
Kaila, Vijaya L. 713-426-1320
Kelsey-Seybold Clinic 713-442-0000
Khan, S. D., MD 281-444-2399
Klein, Ira 713-932-8651
Kudisch, Marc, MD 713-777-6111
Nemoto, David T. 713-467-2700
North Houston Gastroenterology 281-440-3618
Patel, H. D. 713-694-6066
Patel, H. D., MD,PA 713-450-3333
Peddamatham, Kumara S. 281-342-9530
Rachal, Lindy T. 713-521-0039
Raijman, Isaac 713-521-0039
Reddy, Guru N., MD, FACP, FACG 281-440-0101
Sanchez, Rafael 281-484-0078
Shah, K. T., PA 713-666-6181
Stanton, James Paul 713-779-7955
Stein, Stanley H., MD 281-499-0942
Tabrizi, Ali R. 281-351-9812
Toland, Dennis M. 281-351-9812
Whalen, George E. 713-988-7188
Winston, Barry D. 281-255-2239
Worth, Fred, MD 713-522-1788

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