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Aiyer, Bala N. 713-771-1149 Attar, Mohammed, M.D. 713-790-3193 Balakrishnan, P. V. 713-946-6081 Benrey, Jaime 713-796-2668 Brazosport Cardiology PA 713-222-1200 Cardiology Associates 713-652-3025 Cardiology Center of Houston PA
281-496-6226 Cardiology Consultants of Houston LLP 713-796-2668 Cardiovascular Clinic of Texas 281-351-8500 Cardiovascular Clinic of Texas, Inc. 713-797-1745 Cardiovascular Institute PA
281-357-5700 Cherry, R. B. Clinic for Preventive Medicine 713-961-0423 Complete Cardiac Care 281-558-1338 Condara, H. A., Jr. 713-652-3025 Debauche, Thomas L. 281-890-8588 Defelice, Clement A. 713-790-9125 Delgado III, Reynolds M. 713-796-2668 Dhanani, Shiraz P. 713-973-7445 Diagnostic Cardiology of Houston PA 713-776-9500 Farrell, Robert W. 281-486-4641 Fish, R. David, M.D. FACC 713-791-9400 Fulweber, Robert C. 713-797-9483 Garcia, Efrain, M.D. FACC 713-529-5530 Garcia-Gregory, Jorge A. 713-796-2668 Gunawan, Anthony 713-827-7680 Hall, Robert J., M.D. FACC 713-529-5530 Heart Care Center NW Houston
281-955-7863 Hogan, Patrick J., M.D. FACC 713-791-9400 Houston Arrhythmia Associates PA 713-827-8710 Houston Metropolitan Cardiology Associates 713-802-1300 Hui, Gloria 713-827-7680 Interventional Cardiology Associates 713-790-9125 Jacob, Matt C. 713-222-6487 Jacob, Mohan 281-446-5555 Kelsey-Seybold Clinic 713-442-0000 Khan, Tehreen 713-796-2668 Kim, Young I. 713-270-7200 Kumar, S. S. 713-652-3025 Longevity Centre of Houston - Chelation 713-522-4037 Mammen, George P. 713-464-2928 Massin, Edward K. 713-796-2668 Massumi, Ali, M.D. FACC 713-529-5530 Mathur, Virendra S., M.D. FACC 713-529-5530 Memorial City Cardiology Associates 713-464-2928 Mihalick, Michael J. 713-796-2668 Nandety, Rao K. 713-946-8951 Nasser, Maher M. 713-796-1115 Pai, Arvind M. 281-351-6406 Papp, Otto A. 713-464-2928 Pasadena Cardiology Associates 713-946-8951 Patel, Ramesh G., M.D. 713-944-0124 Perin, Emerson C., M.D. FACC 713-791-9400 Podet, Ethan J. 713-652-3025 Rosenthal, Harold M., M.D. 281-332-0577 St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital 713-794-6000 Schnee, M. J. M. 713-796-2668 Seger, John J., M.D. FACC 713-791-9444 Southwest Cardiovascular Consultants PA 713-791-9400 Stainback, Raymond, M.D. FACC 713-529-5530 Stern, Lawrence D. 713-652-3025 Strickman, Neil E., M.D. FACC 713-529-5530 Suneja, Randeep, M.D. FACC 281-496-6226 Sung, C. S., M.D. FACC 713-529-5530 Texas Children's Hospital 713-770-5600 Wilansky, Susan M., M.D. FACC 713-529-5530 Wilson, Michael, M.D. 713-529-5530 Young, James H., Jr. 713-759-0852

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