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Alexander, Richard M. 713-776-0655
Baldwin, Robert T., M.D. 713-776-3402
Berry, William B., M.D. 713-630-2953
Colosimo, Lee R. 713-521-2825
Cooley, Denton A. 713-791-4900
Coselli, Joseph S., M.D. 713-790-4313
Debakey, Michael E., M.D. 713-797-9353
Duncan, J. Michael 713-791-4900
Frazier, O. Howard 713-791-3000
Gallagher, Michael W., M.D. 713-776-3402
Garza, Jim S. 713-795-5527
Hallman, Charles H. 713-791-4900
Hallman, Grady L. 713-791-4900
Howell, Jimmy F., M.D. 713-797-1724
Kalchoff, William P. 713-521-2825
Lafuente, Javier A., M.D. 713-790-3155
Lawrie, Gerald M., M.D. 713-790-2089
Letsou, George V., M.D. 713-798-8722
Livesay, James J. 713-791-4900
McKowen, Robert L., M.D. FACS 713-795-4274
Nguyen, D. Chieu 713-944-7272
Noon, George P., M.D. 713-790-3155
Ott, David A. 713-792-4900
Paxton, Thomas P., M.D. 713-795-4274
Ramchandani, Mahesh K., M.D. 713-790-2822
Rea, John E. III 713-776-0655
Reul, George J. 713-791-4900
Rosenberg, Wade R., M.D. 713-791-4900
Scheinin, Scott A., M.D. 713-756-5314
Sweeney, Michael S. 713-756-5314
Vargas, Gonzalo M. 713-776-0655
West Houston Cardiovascular Assoc. 713-795-4274

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