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Aiyer, Bala N. 713-771-1149
Ajmani, Surainer 281-493-4922
Antonetti, Carlos C. 713-691-4144
Balakrishnan, P. V. 713-946-6081
Baylor Methodist Primary Care Assoc. 713-790-4400
Berberian, Esteban N., MD 281-452-3983
Bergeron, Jimmie I. 281-444-1715
Burnazian, George 713-527-5626
Deasis, Diosdado N., Jr. 281-331-6643
Elhaj, George 281-440-7878
Fein, Steven A. 713-946-9573
Gandhi, Bharat, MD 281-564-3300
Gathe, Joseph C., Jr., MD, FACP 713-526-9821
Horn, Kim Jeannine 713-863-7063
Kapoor, Ashish, MD 281-397-6002
Kelsey-Seybold Clinic 713-442-0000
Kim, Young I. 713-270-7200
Loya, Aslam 281-464-8484
Lu, Shi-tze, M.D. 713-799-1228
Munoz, Carlos E., MD 713-790-4377
Nguyen, William L. N. 713-626-9971
Orzeck, Eric A., MD 713-797-9922
Pai, Arvind M 281-351-6406
Plaza Nephrology-Internal Medicine Associates, PA 281-351-6406
St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital 713-794-6000
Secure Medical Clinic 713-633-2505
Shah, Pankaj K. 281-342-3342
Smith, John H. 713-782-5355
Spankus, Willerd H. 713-682-3669
Spindler, Joseph S., MD, PA 713-524-4494
Tabrizi, Ali R. 281-351-9812
Weaver, Robert A., M.D. 713-335-5609
Willits, V. Leroy 281-452-3983
Young, James H., Jr. 713-759-0852

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