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Aldama, Alfonso E. 713-790-1211
Baskin, David S. 713-798-4696
Blacklock, J. Bob 713-798-4696
Cech, David A. 713-790-1211
Dauser, Robert C. 713-770-3950
Ehni, Bruce L. 713-790-1211
Gildenberg, Philip L. 713-790-0795
Grossman, Robert G. 713-798-4696
Harper, Richard L. 713-790-1211
Hurt, R. Wayne 713-750-0001
Laurent, John P. 713-770-3960
Levinthal, Robert 713-520-7444
Neurosurgical Group of Texas 713-790-1211
Parker, Warren D. 713-790-1211
Rose, James E. 713-798-4696
Sepulveda, Raul 281-440-6960
Simpson, Richard K., Jr. 713-798-4696
Trask, Todd W. 713-798-4696
University of Texas
Dept. of Neurosurgery
Valadka, Alex B. 713-798-4696
Wendenburg, Hans O. 281-893-5201

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