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Aruffo, Roy N. 713-523-9389
Baron, Jason D., MD 713-783-8889
Baylor Psychiatry Clinic 713-798-4856
Blackburn, Theresa, MD 713-666-6993
Brodie, Elizabeth, MD 713-622-4066
Buttar, G. S. 713-622-4066
Cambor, C. Glenn 713-522-3986
Covert, Charles B., MD, PA 713-975-1975
Decker, Norman 713-529-6444
Devereux Texas Treatment Network Outpatient Services 281-332-8608
Diez, Blanca, MD, PA 281-333-2278
Ginsberg, Lawrence D., MD 281-893-4111
Gittess, Franklin 713-799-1074
Glass, George S., MD, PA 713-666-9811
Hochman, J. S., MD 713-266-8907
Kaufman, Daniel A. 713-529-3222
Kay, David C., MD 713-973-2900
Kirkham, James E., Jr. 713-722-8616
Lagrone, Don M., MD, PA 713-630-0930
Lindsey, James N., MD, PHD 713-795-4441
Marangell, Lauren B., MD 713-798-6663
Meixner, Susan T. 713-529-3119
Nahmias, Larry M., MD, PA 281-333-2278
Palmer, Richard E., Jr. 281-469-2181
Parikh, Ramesh, MD 713-790-0745
Red Oak Psychiatry Assoc., PA 281-893-4111
Root, Lawrence G. 713-757-0894
Rosenberg, Bernard A., MD 281-580-8086
Rosenstock, Harvey A. 713-666-3600
Ruiz-Nazario, Javier, MD 281-586-9888
Sabalesky, D. A. 713-799-1130
Salazar, Gentil, MD, PA 713-464-9999
Sharma, Timothy 713-790-0745
Silverman, Seth W. 713-528-1188
Spector, Ivan C. 713-963-0769
Spiwak, Alana R. 713-799-1074
Talavera-Briggs, Amarillis 713-349-0446
Watson, Patricia K. 281-320-0404
White, Robert E., MD 713-622-8288
Wood, Edwin C. 713-524-8566
Yudofsky, Stuart C., MD 713-798-4945

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