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Anhalt, Melvyn A. 713-830-9100
Attia, Samuel L. 713-790-0557
Axelrad, Samuel D. 713-771-9224
Baird, John M. 713-688-4534
Bay Area Urology 281-332-9502
Baylor College of Medicine 713-770-3160
Bellaire Urology 713-592-0809
Berardinucci, Don L. 281-444-7077
Bertini, John E., Jr. 713-650-1502
Blacher, Eric J., MD 281-890-3900
Bladder Control & Incontinence Clinic 713-790-0557
Chun, S. H. 713-691-3313
Cook, Paul C. 713-830-9100
Delhey, Karen A. 713-522-1118
Durrani, A. M., MD 713-776-1157
Feldman, Bernard H. 713-772-6139
Fram, Lewis B. 713-464-7643
Goldfarb, Richard A. 713-790-9700
Guerriero, William G. 713-796-1500
Hampel, Ori, MD 713-477-8600
Handel, Paul B. 713-522-1118
Harris, James M. 713-650-1502
Hughes, T. M., III, MD 713-988-8771
Impotence & Sexual Disorder Clinic 713-790-0557
Kaesler, Kelly 713-932-8165
Kalish, Mark D. 713-830-9100
Krause, Ira, MD 281-548-7713
Krishnan, Ramesh 713-830-9100
Lapin, Stephen, MD 713-790-9700
Lewis, Glen E. 713-774-7676
Light, J. Keith 713-796-1500
Light, Robert A. 713-522-1118
Lippman, Howard R. 281-444-7077
Marcoe, Malcolm 281-342-6183
Massey, Gloria S., MD 281-890-3900
McClung, Tony S. 713-528-3444
McDonald, R. Emmett 713-864-0533
Mobley, David F.,M.D. 713-932-1819
Nickell, Kevin 713-455-2622
Pandya, Pulin K., MD 713-691-0896
Pohl, Donald R., MD 281-296-6000
Prostate Clinic 713-790-0557
Prostate Ultrasound Center 713-776-1157
Rosen, Robert T. 281-592-6475
Rouse, Jerry D. 281-351-8229
Saron, Irvin J., M.D. 281-890-0911
Schiffman, Zvi 713-771-9224
Schillaci, Harold G. 713-988-8771
Selzman, Andrew A. 713-830-9100
Sheehan, William L. 281-481-0534
Sitomer, Charles I. 713-935-0490
Skolnick, Alan W. 713-783-0853
Skor, Arnold B. 281-537-6211
Stein, Ned B. 713-776-8888
Stern, Juan R. 713-526-1088
Tagaropulos, Demetrio 713-426-0060
Texas Urology Center 713-790-0557
Urocenter of Houston 713-799-8899
Urology Clinic of Houston 713-790-9700
Vasectomy Clinic of Houston 713-790-1199
Vasectomy Reversal Services 713-REVERSE
Vasectomy Services of Houston 713-776-1157
Wagner, H. R. 281-332-9502
Walkup, Jim L. 713-520-6050
Williams, Russel 713-830-9100
Williams, T. Raymond 713-522-1944
Winkel, E. C. Chip, III, MD 281-444-6498
Zykorie, Stuart 281-444-7077

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